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Aaron Rodgers’ Brother is a Reality TV Star & College Football Guru

To many, Jordan Rodgers has his own celebrity identity. To others, he is the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Both of them are correct — as each played college football and carved out successful lives and careers — but the amount of tension between them has more to unpack than moving into a new house.

Aaron Rodgers is best known for his NFL career and, secondarily, his dating life with Olivia Munn, ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick, and current fiancee Shailene Woodley. Jordan Rodgers is most famous for starring on ABC's "The Bachelorette" TV show and his engagement to JoJo Fletcher.

Jordan is close with brother Luke Rodgers, including being the best man in the oldest sibling's wedding in 2019, but not his brother Aaron.

When it comes to Aaron Rodgers' family drama, it's pretty intense and something not a whole lot of people across the United States, or world, could ever truly understand.

Jordan Rodgers' Football Career

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A Chico, California native, Jordan Rodgers is son of Ed Rodgers and Darla Rodgers. His older brother Aaron Rodgers starred at Pleasant Valley High School, played his college football at Butte Community College and the University of California, and is a three-time NFL MVP quarterback with the Green Bay Packers.

Jordan, much like Aaron, played quarterback at Pleasant Valley and started his college football career at Butte College. He then transferred to Vanderbilt University and led the Commodores in back-to-back bowl game appearances for the first time in school history.

He went undrafted in the 2013 and spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins in the NFL and the BC Lions of the CFL.

Although his football career wasn't as glamorous, Jordan has a life that extends beyond being just Aaron Rodgers' brother.

Jordan Rodgers on "The Bachelorette"

Jordan Rodgers was a contestant on Joelle Fletcher's season of "The Bachelorette" in 2016. The two hit it off well, and JoJo was getting ready to go with Jordan to California for the hometown dates portion of the reality show.

Right before the trip, Jordan told JoJo who would be there. It was everyone but Aaron Rodgers, the middle brother and famous NFL quarterback. He admitted they didn't have much of a relationship and weren't exactly on speaking terms.

That, of course, made JoJo (and the rest of social media) sad, but that didn't stop their relationship. The happy couple got engaged during the Season 12 finale.

Their wedding was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, and again in 2021, but they still plan to tie the knot.

The Rodgers Family Feud

Aaron Rodgers and his younger brother Jordan Rodgers haven't been on speaking terms for a while. That came out during Jordan's time on "The Bachelorette", then confirmed by their father Ed Rodgers to The New York Times.

"Fame can change things," Ed Rodgers said in 2017.

Aaron told WISN 12 Sports that he didn't watch the show and felt it was "a little inappropriate to talk publicly about family matters." Just as the initial comments were starting to fade, it picked back up in a pretty nasty way.

After the Paradise, California, wildfires in 2018, Aaron donated $1 million toward community relief and recovery efforts. It was well-received on social media, but not necessarily to Jordan, who wrote a scathing message on his Twitter account.

"PLEASE DONATE, SPREAD AWARENESS & SEND LOVE. But when your own Mom is home alone during the fires, car packed ready to evacuate, & you miss the fundamental first step of compassion; calling your parents to make sure they are safe.... Everything else just feels like an act."

Whether or not they are included in the rift, the entire family is involved and these kinds of things on social media are likely only a small glimpse into the family estrangement.

Jordan Rodgers on ESPN & SEC Network

Jordan Rodgers was hired by ESPN in July 2016 to be a college football analyst on the SEC Network. He was in the SEC Saturday Night booth the following season and his role has expanded over the years.

In 2020, Rodgers joined Tim Tebow and Roman Harper on "SEC Nation" during the college football season. Laura Rutledge was the program's host.

The now-32-year-old Rodgers has "Kirk-Herbstreit-type position" on SEC Network, according to The New York Post. Herbstreit, of course, is a big part of ESPN's College GameDay each Saturday in the fall.

SEC football is now his career focus. Breaking down touchdowns of Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee during NCAA games are his specialty.

Just don't ask the SEC Network analyst about his NFL star brother. That's personal information best kept between them.

This post was originally published on June 18, 2020 before updating.

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