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Chiefs Fans Stupidly Send Angry Tweets to the Wrong Dee Ford


Dee Ford woke up on Monday morning with probably just as many Twitter notifications as followers. That wouldn't really seem abnormal considering the fact the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, but there was a massive problem: It was the wrong Dee Ford.

While some Chiefs fans went to social media to complain about the 6-foot-2 outside linebacker earning a game-changing offsides penalty at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night, a British lady named Dee Ford in Gillingham, England was getting some major heat for it while she sleeping.

From Internet tough guys tagging her in posts to even some sending nasty direct messages, the wrong Dee Ford definitely learned a valuable lesson about the power of Twitter in the aftermath of a big NFL playoff game.

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Everyone makes mistakes. Heck, the Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford, the 27-year-old Pro Bowl selection who played his college ball for the Auburn Tigers, made a massive one in the overtime loss in the AFC title game when he lined up in the neutral zone during a crucial third down and wasn't afraid to face the media after the game.

"I got to see the ball," he said. "I got to see the ball, especially at the time of that game and, you know, what was at stake, I just got to see the ball."

But for a bunch of people to attack the wrong Dee Ford without checking who they are directing their anger to is next-level stupid.

Thankfully, the Dee Ford from the United Kingdom has a great sense of humor and had some fun posting a few of the messages onto her feed, including some with offensive language.


What stings for fans is star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will be staying home instead of playing in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta. That Dee Ford penalty, which negated a Tom Brady interception, was part of the reason why.

What's crazy is another Dee Ford, a woman from England, got the most hate mail of anyone in the world because of it.

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