Colt McCoy
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Former Texas QB Colt McCoy’s Risky Milk Choice Will Make You Want to Puke

No matter the sport, it's not uncommon to see an athlete have some strange habits. After all, Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman did shave his mustache during a game last season, and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is giving up sex to somehow make him a better football player. All of those bizarre things can officially take a backseat to Colt McCoy.

The former Texas Longhorns star and current Washington Redskins signal caller is battling back from injury. He broke his right fibula last December in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles just three weeks after quarterback Alex Smith suffered a gruesome injury of his own. The road to recovery is still ongoing, but if his love for milk actually does his body good, the 32-year-old will be back in no time.

If you don't get it, here's the kicker: Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden says Colt McCoy drinks a gallon of raw milk every day.


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Gruden dropped this gem during the NFL Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this week to NBC Sports reporter JP Finlay. It's certainly risky to drink raw milk, but just thinking about drinking an entire gallon each day should make you want to puke.

"You know what, that's frustrating for him, for sure. I mean, that's a guy that works hard. He drinks a gallon of milk every day for strong bones. I think it's the milk that's not pasteurized, either. I think it's right out of the teat. I swear, this guy's a nut job. He should have strong healthy bones, right? And he just had a couple of unfortunate deals."

— Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden

McCoy, who went to Jim Ned High School in Tuscola, Texas, was at IndyCar's Circuit of the Americas in Austin to serve as the grand Marshall and give the start engine command to drivers this past weekend. He was seen on crutches, but seemed to be in good spirits at the race in dealing with his leg injury.

The starting quarterback spot for the Redskins might be up for grabs this season. Washington traded for Case Keenum earlier this month, while Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson are fall-back options.

It's uncertain where Colt McCoy fits in that mix after throwing for 322 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions in three appearances in 2018, but at least we know his risky milk choice, right?

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