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Drew Lock Fell in Love With a Social Media Star

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock is in perfect position for a comeback season. His disappointing sophomore effort leaves him no other way to go but up.

"Up" is a tough way to go when you're already a Mile High. With rivals like Patrick Mahomes in the same division, Lock needs a little help. He needs someone on his side who knows the territory.

Enter Drew Lock's girlfriend Natalie Newman.

The University of Colorado grad knows the Denver territory, as well as every other major hub from Los Angeles to New York.

The trending social media influencer stopped traveling to stay by Lock's side and help the young Bronco navigate the NFL.

Who is Drew Lock?

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Drew Lock is an NFL quarterback. He was born on November 10, 1996, when the No. 1 song was "No Diggity" by BLACKstreet. College football coaches liked the way Lock worked it on the high school football field (no diggity), and the American football quarterback soon found himself tossing pigskin for the University of Missouri.

Lock started four seasons at Mizzou and led the Tigers to two postseason bowl game losses in his junior and senior seasons.

During his college days in Columbia, Lock dated Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt's daughter Gracie Hunt. Their relationship didn't last beyond college, presumably because the Chiefs had already drafted Mahomes and in no way needed Lock.

In the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, Drew Lock became the newest Broncos quarterback behind Joe Flacco. After Flacco flopped in 2019, Lock got his shot. He locked in the last five games with a 4-1 record.

The 2020 season went about as well for Lock as it did for most people. His record, decision-making, and touchdown passes-to-interceptions ratio all fell below expectations.

He was pretty good at rapping, though.


His last seven games in 2020 were much better than his first six. Broncos management is giving Lock another year to get out of this sophomore slump, even if they were willing to trade him.

To keep his spirits high, Lock spends the offseason gallivanting with Natalie Newman in her home state of Florida.

Who is Girlfriend Natalie Newman?

Drew Lock's new girlfriend Natalie Newman is an Internet entrepreneur.

She makes a living on and off social media and travels to photogenic destinations like the Turks & Caicos. There is unconfirmed speculation that she met Lock on the dating app Bumble, one of Newman's corporate sponsors.

After their first huddle, Drew Lock thought the University of Colorado Buffalo was a touchdown. They've spent most of the offseason posting pics on Instagram of their vacation time and beach travels.

John Elway may have been willing to trade Lock for Matthew Stafford, but Lock is still a Bronco, not a Lion. The NFL player is set in the Mile High City for years to come.

Improve he must if he is to continue playing in Denver. Perhaps a Super Bowl is in his future, perhaps not.

Lock prefers to live in the now. You would, too, if your "now" included Drew Lock's girlfriend Natalie Newman.

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