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Julian Edelman's MVP Beard is Gone After Ellen DeGeneres' $10,000 Bet

Being named Super Bowl MVP certainly has its perks. Not only did New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman etch his name into the history books and heat up his Hall of Fame discussion, but a trip to Disney World alongside Tom Brady and tons of media opportunities await him this offseason.

One of those came in a guest appearance with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Known for hilarious interviews and on-set pranks, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has earned 59 Daytime Emmy Awards as of 2017 and never fails to entertain. That's especially true when a 9-month-old beard walks onto the set, along with the Lombardi Trophy, and a challenge gets thrown down.

After talking about what it meant to win Super Bowl LIII over the Los Angeles Rams and having Ellen jab Edelman about his appearance in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue in 2017, Ellen laid down a bet for the nine-year NFL veteran.

"I know that you support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, right?" DeGeneres said. "You do a lot for them, and I thought it would probably mean a lot if I would donate $10,000 to them, but you need to let me shave that beard first."

After giving his glorious facial hair one final tug, the Patriots player agreed to the challenge and offered to put up $10,000 of his own to match Ellen's donation. The full interview is below, but you can jump ahead to the 9-minute mark of the video to watch Julian Edelman's beard fall to the ground and reveal what his face actually looks like underneath that thing.

Afterward, someone who kind of looks kind of like Julian Edelman emerges with his bare-faced chin seeing the light of day after a long football season. If the Patriots keep winning Super Bowls and Edelman keeps letting that thing grow every season, there's a chance the Boys & Girls Club of Boston is going to be getting a lot more giant checks on behalf of the Super Bowl LIII MVP.

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