The Minnesota Vikings celebrate Harrison Smith's interception with a bowling routine.
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The Minnesota Vikings' "Bowling Ball" Celebration Is a Perfect Strike

From taunting calls and restricting all sorts of celebrations to penalizing any defender who dares think about touching the quarterback, Roger Goodell and Co. have made it clear they value the spirit of the football above all else.

It's why fans refer to the NFL as the "Nothing (but) Fun League," because it's rare the league's impositions are received without overwhelming support. Of course, by overwhelming support, I mean almost none at all — and by "Nothing (but) Fun League," I mean the "No Fun League."

However, the NFL has taken action in recent years to shed its "no fun" reputation. Celebrations, for instance, are back — and the Minnesota Vikings had an all-timer this past Sunday.

Harrison Smith's Bowling Celebration Goes Viral

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Down 17-10 to the Washington Commanders midway through the fourth quarter, Vikings safety Harrison Smith picked off Commanders QB Taylor Heinicke near midfield and returned it for 35 yards.

To celebrate, Smith put on his bowling shoes. He wouldn't be aiming for pins, though — he would be aiming for his teammates, who lined up as pins in the end zone. Smith, donning a smooth lefty stroke, rolled a strike. But the result was in doubt for an extra second thanks to linebacker Jordan Hicks wobbling for beautiful, dramatic effect.

The celebration gave the team some much-needed juice. Running back Dalvin Cook punched in a touchdown two plays later to tie the game. Then, the defense stalled Washington's offense to allow Kirk Cousins to lead a 15-play drive that ended with Greg Joseph's game-winning field goal.

Final from Washington's FedEx Field: Minnesota Vikings 20, Washington Commanders 17.

It was a win-win for the Vikings. They came back and pulled out a gutsy victory on the road in Cousins' return to Washington. And they orchestrated a Hall of Fame celebration.

Yes, Kirk. We like that.

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