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Kirk Cousins' Iconic "You Like That?" Video Never Stops Being Funny

Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback Kirk Cousins has come a long way since his days back in the nation's capital when he played for the Washington Redskins (though we don't call them that anymore). While he's spent the past three seasons under center for Minnesota, Cousins' most iconic moment came before his days in the purple and gold. Cousins' NFL career is most renowned for a mere five seconds of utter dominance. And it wasn't even on the field. No, Kirk Cousins' greatest NFL moment indisputably occurred in the aftermath of a Week 7 comeback victory for the Redskins back in 2015, when the former Washington QB asked all of us a simple question: "You like that?"

Kirk Cousins: "You Like That?"

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Before his days of tossing touchdowns to wide receiver Justin Jefferson or handing the ball off to Dalvin Cook, leading head coach Kevin O'Connell's offense to another Vikings win, Kirk Cousins played in the NFC East. Playing against the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants isn't easy and almost every regular season win can make FedEx Field feels like a wild card weekend against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

This isn't the NFC West, where Brock Purdy can waltz to the NFL Playoffs over the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals, or the AFC South where the Jaguars and Colts fight in the conference's cellar.

After a significant comeback win for the Washington Commanders against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the largest comeback in franchise history, Cousins was rightfully fired up. After all, he just led his team back from down 24-0 to win the game 31-30.

Cousins threw three touchdowns, 317 passing yards and zero interceptions in the heroic performance, and he was absolutely gassed up after the big game.

That was just the first time fans would hear the iconic catchphrase, though the next time he went viral for saying it, he was in a new uniform after joining the Vikings in the 2018 offseason.

Cousins helped lead the Vikings past the New Orleans Saints in an NFC Wild Card playoff game, which featured key touchdown passes to Adam Thielen and tight end Kyle Rudolph. While celebrating in the locker room, Cousins gave a postgame speech that was as short as it was sweet, saying, "You like that?" before exiting the SuperDome.

"You Like That?" 2.0

Despite the excellent performance in the 2019 Wild Card, the Vikings were ousted in the NFC Divisional Round by Cousins' former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers, ultimately failing to reach their goal of a Super Bowl.

Some of the biggest criticisms against Cousins' game are the belief that he underachieves during prime time games such as ESPN's Monday Night Football, as well as his inability to collect wins against superior opponents.

Even with his faults, when the Vikings QB does light up an opposing secondary such as that of the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders or Philadelphia Eagles, he'll be the first to let you know about it.

Why? Because we like that.

Kirk Cousins #8 of the Minnesota Vikings celebrates a touchdown during the second half against the Arizona Cardinals

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