NFL has officially made decision on punishments for Ndamukong Suh chokeslam, Kiko Alonso hit


Last Thursday night, the Dolphins and Ravens had several dust ups in the Ravens' 40-0 blowout win. The most notable being a potentially dirty hit from Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso on Joe Flacco that knocked the quarterback out of the game, as well as a "chokeslam" from Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh on Ravens backup Ryan Mallett.

On Tuesday, the NFL announced that neither player would be facing a suspension for their actions during the game.

However, Alonso did end up getting fined while Suh's actions come with no penalty it seems:

Both players, however, are still subject to potential fines from the league. Those won't be handed down until later in the week.

After the game on Thursday, Suh told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he was just protecting himself when he got face-to-face with Mallett.

"Simple as this," Suh began. "He came at me and tried to attack me, and I'm protecting myself."

Asked whether he regretted his actions, Suh replied, "I'm never going to regret protecting myself."

Suh has often been a troublemaker in the NFL, even earning the "dirty player" label for some of his antics. This includes cheap shots against the Steelers and the Patriots just in the past year.

As for Alonso, many had labeled his hit on Flacco as dirty and unnecessary since the quarterback was already sliding on the play.

Flacco missed the remainder of the game with a concussion.  He is listed as questionable to play against the Tennessee Titans, but he is expected to play according to Pro Football Talk.