New LeSean McCoy allegations Photo by John Salangsang/Invision for NFL/AP Images, File
Photo by John Salangsang/Invision for NFL/AP Images, File

In July, allegations came forward by a former girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, which cited the NFL star’s alleged abuse of McCoy’s son, his alleged use performance enhancing drugs, and animal abuse on a family dog. In addition, the woman, Delicia Cordon, claims McCoy orchestrated a home invasion that left her bruised and beaten. Cordon is suing McCoy for damages of $133,000 in stolen jewelry and $13,000 in furniture she claims are rightfully hers.

As the outcome of that lawsuit pends, Stephanie Maisonet, the mother of McCoy’s six-year-old son, filed an affidavit in addition to the home invasion lawsuit with the State Court of Fulton County, Georgia on Tuesday. In it, Maisonet makes claims that are the worst yet in the case against the All-Pro running back.

In the court documents, Maisonet alleges that McCoy, both of whom shares joint custody of their son, notified her that he would not be able to pick up their son on July 9, 2018, as per their custody agreement.

“July 9, 2018 was the first time that LeShawn McCoy has ever had to reschedule picking up our son,” the affidavit, which spells McCoy’s first name wrong, reads.

That was the same day on which Delicia Cordon’s home was invaded by an unknown male assailant, who assaulted her and demanded specific items of jewelry that were given to her by McCoy. Cordon claims the invasion was the spearheaded by McCoy, and this added claim by Maisonet increases the need for McCoy’s alibi to be corroborated on that night.

Maisonet added that she would only communicate with McCoy through Tamarcus Porter, a former NFL player who is a close friend of McCoy.

Later in the affidavit, Maisonet cites a strange interaction between her and McCoy:

“After the home invasion, [LeSean] McCoy decided to contact me directly for the first time in years. [LeSean] McCoy talked badly about Delicia Cordon and proffered that if I help him with this home invasion, he will concede in our custody case by allowing me to enroll my son in school in Miami. I found this to be odd because he has been fighting so hard against that during our custody battle. Also, if he did not have any involvement in the home invasion, there is no need to make such an extreme offer.”


She says that she agreed to help McCoy, believing it was in the best interest of their son. She gave Porter her Instagram account password for him to post publicly using her account, which refuted all the claims against her son’s father.

Maisonet says she helped McCoy despite “knowing” the initial allegations of abuse against their son made by Cordon were true, as she had filed a report with child services prior to the home invasion.

Their son, according to the affidavit, would “often come home with bruises” that were explained with “outlandish excuses” by McCoy. Also, their son would often cry when he was being sent to spend time with his father.

“I regret ever agreeing to help [LeSean] McCoy in this case. He should not get away with potentially orchestrating this heinous incident.

“I feel like I am sending our son to a monster every two weeks. [LeSean] McCoy should be held accountable for his actions, regardless of his career choice or his income.” — Stephanie Maisonet, per court documents


Despite the allegations piling up, now by two women close to him, LeSean McCoy continues to deny all of it.

It’s going to take a while for this to be resolved, but the walls around the Buffalo Bills running back seem to be closing in faster than he can out run them.

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