WATCH: A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL is Back and Better Than Ever AP Photo/Roger Steinman
AP Photo/Roger Steinman

When New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady kneeled down on the 37-yard line to end the Super Bowl, football fans around the world let out a collective sigh. Sure, a lot of them were because Brady and the Pats won for the third time in five years and sixth time this century. The rest, though, suddenly felt the realization that America’s greatest game — both college football and the NFL — is now over until September.

While there may not be much football ahead of us now, the most exciting, breathtaking, spectacular, stupendous, sensational, first-class highlight of the 2019 National Football League has arrived, and an entire season of Bad Lip Reading is back once again to boost our spirits.

For those who have never seen it, Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel that voices over everything from professional sports clips to Donald Trump’s inauguration with the goal of making you laugh as hard as possible. With over one billion views on YouTube, you can even buy a Star Wars-themed T-shirt to honor one of their hilarious videos. The first NFL Bad Lip Reading video appeared in 2013 and a new addition to the series was created at the conclusion of every NFL season.

In this year’s video, we’ve been graced with 8 minutes and 12 seconds — the longest that the channel’s ever made — full of hilarious moments. Sit back and enjoy this awesome annual tradition!

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Whether it’s Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill complaining about needing a new suitcase or Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott explaining what rain is, this stuff just gets better and better.

Personally, the best moment I’ve ever seen starts at 4 minutes and 10 seconds, though. Nothing may ever live up to 49ers third-string quarterback Nick Mullens screeching and cawing in confusion while he’s trying to figure out the NFL.

Then again, Adrian Peterson calling himself “Jeffrey Sphincter” may just be this year’s winner.

YouTube: Bad Lip Reading

Tell your neighbors. Send it to your coworkers. Shout it from the rooftops. Football may be over, but we’re all Super Bowl winners with another hilarious edition of a Bad Lip Reading of the NFL to remember the 2019 season.


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