Eagles Billboard

Eagles Fans Hilariously Troll Patriots Ahead of Super Bowl Rematch


For the entire 2017 season, basically until the final seconds ticked off the clock in Super LII, essentially every New England Patriots fan let the world know what happened in the previous championship game. It was relentless, and they just got a taste of their own medicine.

Instead of Patriots fans barking how the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 second-half lead in Super Bowl LI, the Philadelphia Eagles fans took it to the next level to remind all of New England what happened in the 41-33 win in some creative ways.

Why? Because that's what Philly fans do.

Ahead of the Super Bowl rematch, mind you in a NFL preseason game, an electric billboard celebrating the Eagles went up a mile away form Gillette Stadium before Thursday night's game.


The artist of the billboard is Philadelphia-based Jordan Spector, but everyone can thank fan Gina Lewis (and Eagles fans, of course) for making this happen.

What started off as a Twitter bet turned into Lewis' coworker paying her $500 and a GoFundMe page helping raise money for the $5,000 billboard, according to USA Today.

Mission accomplished.

However, that was far from the last trolling act of the evening in Foxborough, Massachusetts.


Another fan paid $1,000 for a plane fo fly over the stadium with a banner to remind the Patriots the score of the title game in February.

Everyone thought Eagles fans were nuts, but this trolling takes it up a notch.

If running the "Philly Special" for a gender reveal or re-watching the game after this year's World Cup Final wasn't enough, this should definitely do the trick.

Of course, the Patriots smacked the Eagles, 37-20, because Tom Brady played the first half and is definitely better than Nate Sudfeld.


Still, for as much as Patriots fans and the team made sure everyone knew what happened against the Falcons, it was only fitting for Philly fans to give it right back.

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