Mark Davis
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Wait, The Raiders Might Actually Play in Oakland Next Season?


If you look up the word "mess" in the dictionary, a picture of Raiders owner Mark Davis should be there next to the definition. If it's not, it definitely should be because the millionaire man is sure treating his NFL team's move to Las Vegas about as cleanly as a 1-year-old's birthday cake smash.

Look, breaking up is hard. Nobody ever said it would be easy. But Davis has reportedly given ex-girlfriend Oakland another chance, and the team will live at the Oakland Coliseum for at least the 2019 season.

That's right, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders, who had options to move anywhere from Birmingham to San Diego to the Caesar's Palace parking lot, are closing a deal to keep the team in Oakland for another year. In a nutshell, the Raiders' new house isn't built yet, so they are basically going to crash on the couch of the ex-girlfriend who is suing them.



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To say it hasn't been a troubled year for the Oakland Raiders would be massive understatement. Head coach Jon Gruden is entertaining but not great at his job, general manager Reggie McKenzie was fired for being nothing short of foolish, and quarterback Derek Carr wants to fight ESPN hosts like he's in the UFC.

Oh, and the City of Oakland is suing the team for millions for moving to Sin City.

Now this. At least Davis and the Raiders are putting the fun is dysfunctional in the Bay Area.


According to the paper, an announcement is expected to come within the next week. The deal is for the 2019 NFL season, but there will be an option for the following 2020 campaign if the Raiders' new stadium isn't quite finished yet. All the Raiders have to do is pay $7.5 million this year for rent for home games at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, and they will no longer be homeless.

This cannot be ideal for the Raiders, especially Davis, who didn't want to play in the city that was suing him, but it's the perfect addition to the NFL's craziest soap opera.

The Raiders' fans have to be furious, too. If one break-up was bad enough, it's likely going to happen again next year when the team moves to Nevada for good.

This is the definition of a mess, and there's no real end in sight.


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