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Random Guy Sneaks Into Steelers Practice Wanting to "Check" Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown is known for grand training camp entrances, making defensive backs look foolish, and being the best wide receiver in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers superstar is not one to mess with on the gridiron, but some random guy sure wanted to try during a practice over the weekend.

Dressed up in full pads and ready to go, the fan snuck onto the field wearing yellow pants and a yellow Steelers jersey and told Brown he wanted to "check" him.

This dude was dead serious, too.

"Let him check me real quick," Brown said while laughing and stretching.


Unfortunately, the fan was escorted off the field before he could try to stop the Madden 19 cover athlete.

It's hard to know where to start here.

First and foremost, some props are due to the young man for showing up in full pads with eye black on and a helmet in hand, and looking to practice with the Steelers. That takes some moxey, for sure, and he even got a few moments to join the team stretch before being discovered.

But the rest of it is absolutely ridiculous.


If you are going to show up to a Steelers practice, don't roll up in a No. 43 jersey. You are not Troy Polamalu, who retired in 2015, and wearing that number is probably one of the easiest giveaways there is.

Next, if you are going to challenge anyone on that football team, it sure as heck shouldn't be Brown.

Let's just take a look to see how actual NFL defensive backs have done this training camp:

Sorry, two-time Pro Bowl corner Joe Haden. You got abused here.


Oh, and welcome to the NFL, first-round draft pick Terrell Edmunds. That 4.47 speed doesn't mean much against Brown, rookie.

Could you imagine what Brown would do to some guy off the street? It's rather disappointing it didn't actually happen because the entertainment value would be so rich.


Regardless, what a crazy thing to do.

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