Tim Tebow Family Dogs
Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP

The Tebows Introduce 3 New Additions to Their Family

When former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was forced to say goodbye to long-time dog Bronco, his social media post left everyone in tears. He lifted the Heisman Trophy, won college football's national championship with the Florida Gators, chased playoff glory with the Denver Broncos, and now is grinding in minor league baseball with the New York Mets organization. Tebow's battled through a lot, but losing his dog, obviously, was one of the hardest.

Since losing Bronco back in November, Tebow stayed busy preparing for his wedding to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. The two were recently married in South Africa and are getting ready for their new life together. The time was also right to start expanding their family.

In a series of Instagram posts, the Tebows introduced the world to Paris, Kobe and Chunk, the three newest Tebow family members.

Honestly, this is the cutest puppy trio I might have ever laid eyes on.

The Tim Tebow Family's New Puppies

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"We're so excited to introduce you to sweet Paris! She's already our little princess"

"...But Paris needed a brother. Meet Kobe!"

"...and of course Kobe needed a brother too. Meet Chunk!"

And yes, like any good dog owners hoping to share the sweetest faces in the world on social media over and over and over and over again, "The Tebow Pack" have their own instagram account.

Taking on the responsibility of adding young dogs to any family is a commitment. But three of them — a Dalmatian, golden retriever, and Bernese mountain dog — at the same time? That takes on a whole new set of demands, but thankfully for the newlyweds, they'll be stuck in quarantine for a few weeks as the coronavirus pandemic keeps us all in lockdown.

But if you ask me, there's no better way to spend countless hours at home than chasing tiny puppies around your living room.

I don't know about you, but Chunk is definitely my favorite.

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