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Tom Brady Kisses His Son, And People Can't Seem to Forget It


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is many things. Obviously, he is a Hall-of-Fame lock with multiple Super Bowls and nearly every record imaginable in the NFL. He's an incredible businessman who lives and promotes a healthy lifestyle through meditation, yoga and an incredibly strict diet. On top of all that, Brady is a husband to Gisele Bündchen and father to three children; Brady and Bündchen have two kids -- son Benjamin Rein and daughter Vivian Lake -- and Brady had his oldest son Jack while dating actress Bridget Moynahanback in 2007.

For all of Brady's undeniable greatness, people still try to dismiss his legacy with every weapon in their arsenal. Every NFL Sunday, without fail, people bring up a scene from last year's documentary series Tom vs. Time, which is still making people uncomfortable.

While getting a massage, Brady's then-11-year-old son Jack asks his dad if he can check his fantasy football team, to which Brady replies, "What do I get?"

"That was like a peck," Brady urges after a quick kiss. That's when Jack comes back, and an awkwardly long kiss on the mouth begins with the massage therapist just doing his thing.


Tom Brady Kissing His Son

Brady kissing his oldest son on the lips doesn't seem weird at the surface. The debate surrounding whether or not parents should kiss their kids at all rages all over the world, and I'm sure many parents give quick pecks to their kids all the time. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, Brady's longer kiss, which lasted several awkward seconds, is exactly where people drew the line. Jack even wiped that smooch off before leaving, and social media never lets the future Hall of Famer forget it.

Here's a small sampling of tweets, and you can dig even deeper anytime Brady takes the field.


Jealousy is a disease, and misery loves company. Those are expressions you've likely heard before, and they are the reason people continually bring up this scene. Brady's a loving father, there's no doubt about that, but the "Kiss Heard 'Round the World" opened the floodgates surrounding Brady's whole kissing family.

Brady lip-smacked his dad after winning the Super Bowl. He laid a smooch on Patriots owner Robert Kraft two years later on that same stage. Brady is obviously an affectionate guy with his family members, but mouth kisses with everyone in sight?

I don't think any amount of Super Bowls will ever allow this iconic docuseries moment to die.

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