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Trevor Lawrence's Brother, Chase, is His Artist Look-A-Like

Everybody is going to want to be like Trevor Lawrence soon. Everyone except his brother, who couldn't be further from the superstar quarterback. After dominating the college football world for three years, including a victory in the national championship game, the former Clemson Tigers quarterback has become one of the bright young faces of the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars (who all in all likelihood, will do what we've all been waiting for with the NFL Draft's first-overall pick from 2021). Now, Lawrence has led his team up through the NFL rankings and in the AFC playoffs, where they'll face off against the Los Angeles Chargers. The 6-foot-6 passer with a mane made for commercials and arm made for throwing touchdowns will have the full support of his parents, Amanda and Jeremy Lawrence, and his wife Marissa Mowry. But what family member has a closer connection to the NFL star and that's Trevor Lawrence's brother, Chase Lawrence.

Chase is the artist look-a-like of Trevor and he's nearly five years older. While he's nothing like his younger brother, the two have an undeniably strong bond.

Trevor Lawrence's Brother Chase Lawrence

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Chase is much shorter than his younger brother. Many people on social media have said he looks like the 1970s hippie version of Trevor because he's artsy, wears tie dye and has even longer hair than the football star.

Trevor's older brother Chase was born in Johnson City, Tennessee while Trevor was born in Knoxville. The Lawrence family lived in Washington County before raising their kids in Cartersville, Georgia, where Trevor starred at Cartersville High School before heading to Clemson University. The brothers also have a younger sister named Olivia.

Chase told ESPN that his athletic career was mostly drawing in the dirt during youth baseball games. It was after he fell asleep on a basketball team bench that his parents, Jeremy and Amanda Lawrence, stopped making him play sports.

"I was a wild child; Trevor was the one who was always good at sports," Chase told ESPN. "We knew he was going to get a full ride somewhere for something since he was in middle school. My whole family loves sports so much but, at the time, I couldn't have cared less."

Instead, Chase took a liking to the arts.

Chase Lawrence's Art & Wife

Chase creates art with his wife, Brooke Lawrence. The two met at Kennesaw State University and now live in South Carolina. He was inspired to become an artist after seeing the work of Alex Pardee.

According to their website, the two are "sculptors and oil painters, best known for their ghastly and poignant style." What's cooler is that the two collaborate on each piece together.

One glance at their Instagram page and it is obvious Chase and Brooke are talented at their craft. They've even used Trevor to model for one of their portraits, which depicted a man in a robe holding a skull.

Even cooler is that Chase was able to work on a project for his younger brother. After Trevor signed with Topps trading cards, Chase and Trevor's sister-in-law were enlisted to do the artwork for 20 of the 50 cards. The results were spectacular:

"I'm excited," Trevor told ESPN. "Chase and Brooke are extremely talented artists, and it's special to collaborate with them on these custom designs."

Trevor and Chase Lawrence are very different. While one dismantles Alabama in the national championship and nearly wins Heisman Trophies, the other sculpts busts of St. Anthony. While one wears football pads and features luscious locks of hair, the other wears floral button downs and puts his hair in a bun.

"The main difference is just vocation," Chase told ESPN. "Other than that, we are very similar, same sense of humor, same goofiness, same personality overall. He's pretty creative, too, artistic even, and we're both problem solvers and we're both seekers. We are always seeking the truth no matter if it's what we want to hear or don't want to hear. And we disagree on a lot on things like faith and religion and dogma, but we agree on just as much if not more."

Lawrence was fabulous in a wacky 2020 NCAA season. The ACC Player of the Year took head coach Dabo Swinney's Clemson football team to the College Football Playoff, where he lost to Ohio State's Justin Fields. At the end of it, the Clemson quarterback sat in the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York, with his brother behind him.

Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Jacksonville Jaguars throws a pass before a preseason game

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Now, T-Law may need that brotherly support as he leads the Jacksonville Jaguars into the playoffs. While the Jaguars are lucky to have their QB healthy, unlike the Ravens' QB Lamar Jackson, they will be facing an uphill battle as they fight for the right to play for the Lombardi Trophy. But if there's one thing Trevor can count on, it's that he'll have his brother's unwavering support.

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