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The Worst Collapses from Week 12 in the NFL

Week 12 of the NFL season featured some higher-scoring games and many unlikely results.

There were some bad beats this week. Let's not waste any time—it's time to relish in our collective sadness. 

Seattle Seahawks vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Josh Jacobs #28 of the Las Vegas Raiders carries the ball for a touchdown in overtime to beat the Seattle Seahawks 40-34

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Bad Beat: Seahawks -4

The final score of this game was 40-34, so points were in high supply. However, with 5:37 to go in the game, the Seahawks took the lead, 34-27, and were covering the spread. Sure, plenty of points were scored in this one, but come on—you just need to get through a single opposing drive, and you can put this one away. Well, that didn't happen. In fact, it was the exact opposite. 

The Raiders went on to drive down 75 yards across 10 plays, taking 3:43 to do so. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr hit tight end Foster Moreau for a five-yard score. Well, it was time for overtime. The Seahawks could win the toss, score, and be done, right? Nope. The Raiders won the toss, but, uh oh—they missed a field goal. This is great for the Seahawks!

Nope. They went three-and-out and picked up just five yards. OK, OK, no worries. One more stop. That's it—one more stop.

The Raiders scored on the very next play—an 86-yard rushing touchdown for running back Josh Jacobs, who finished the day with over 300 total yards. 

Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers directs the offense in the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers

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Bad Beat: Buccaneers -3.5

Playing on the road, the Buccaneers were still favored against the Browns, and rightfully so. The Browns were just 3-7 heading into this game, and it was Jacoby Brissett's final start as the Browns start before Deshaun Watson returns in Week 13.

The game was tied 10-10 until Tom Brady hit tight end Ko Kieft for a five-yard score with 7:41 remaining in the third quarter. Points were hard to come by in this one. After the touchdown, the Buccaneers had seven more drives and punted on six. The other drive was the conclusion of regulation.

Down 17-10 as the two-minute warning was coming, the Browns marched down the field across six plays and scored with 32 seconds remaining in the game. This game would then be sent to overtime, where the Buccaneers would punt twice and the Browns once. The Buccaneers totaled 34 yards on 13 plays in overtime. 

The Browns, however, went 71 yards on six plays and scored on a Nick Chubb rushing touchdown with just 19 seconds to go—this game was close to a tie. 

Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals reacts during the first half against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium

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Bad Beat: Titans +2.5

This game would've required some things to happen that may be difficult to project, but we wanted to mention it quickly. The Titans were down 20-16 with 1:53 to go. They had the Bengals at 4th and 11, and Evan McPherson kicked a field goal.

The Bengals would've gone up 23-16, leaving the Titans with a chance to drive, score, and either go for two or go into overtime. However, Kevin Strong, a defensive end/special teams player for the Titans, incurred an unnecessary roughness penalty. He allowed the Bengals to kneel out for the remainder of the game. Ouch. 

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh looks on during the first half against the Jacksonville Jaguars at TIAA Bank Field

Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

Bad Beat: Ravens -3.5

What a monumental collapse this game was.

With 13:07 to go in the game, the Ravens scored and went up 19-10 over the Jaguars. Keep this in mind because the final score was 28-27. After this touchdown, the Jaguars scored a touchdown, but it took 14 plays and over seven minutes.

The score was then 19-17, Baltimore, with less than six minutes to go. The Ravens would then get the ball back only to fumble, give it back to the Jaguars, and kick a field goal to take the slight lead. Well, the Ravens answered back. They marched 75 yards in just over two minutes to score and complete a two-point conversion to take a seven-point lead. 

Now, here we go. 

The Jaguars get the ball with just over two minutes to go. The first play is an incompletion, and the next play is a fumble, but the Jaguars managed to get it back. From here, the Jaguars would go 75 yards in just under two minutes, score, and—you guessed it—complete a two-point conversion. What a nightmare. The Jaguars lead 28-27 but hold on. 

The Ravens still have some life. They returned the ball to their 39-yard line and then completed a 12-yard pass to go to the Jaguars 49-yard line. Justin Tucker may be the best kicker to ever live, but a 67-yard field goal is challenging for anyone. It was right on the money but fell just short.

The Ravens lose. To the Jaguars. Wow.

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