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Former WWE standout worried after 4-time World Champion Jeff Jarrett checked himself into rehab

This doesn’t sound good.

Former four-time World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett has reportedly checked himself into rehab, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Jarrett reportedly made the decision Wednesday morning, and WWE is sponsoring it.

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman spoke on 1, 2, 360 about Jarrett, and admitted he is concerned (H/T WrestleZone):

"A lot of the stuff is allegedly but it doesn't take away from the fact that it seems that Jarrett is going through some shit right now. You hear different stories, although some parts of the story may not be true or maybe exaggerated. When you hear several stories like this, there's something to it and Jeff has gone through a ton of heartache over the years. The lost of his children's mother and other things that we probably don't even know. I've known Jeff for a long time and Jeff has never been afraid to party but he's always held it together and when I hear things like this it makes me worry and I love Jeff very much."

The move comes after allegations that Jarrett wrestled a match in Canada after passing out in the locker room following alleged continued drinking. Jarrett reportedly denied passing out in the locker room, per the report.

The news comes after Impact Wrestling ended its partnership with Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling.

Jarrett returned to the former TNA Wrestling in January when Anthem Sports took control over former majority owner Dixie Carter.

Since his return, several of GFW's biggest names including the Hardy Boyz, Drew Galloway (now Drew McIntyre), Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis have left the company for WWE. Jarrett was also a key factor in signing former world champion Alberto El Patron, whose off camera antics have brought negative press to the promotion.

Jarrett initially left TNA to start the separate Global Force Wrestling in 2014. When he returned in 2015, the two companies had a working relationship before ultimately merging officially in 2017.

Jarrett has wrestled all over the world, holding numerous titles in plenty of promotions, including WWE and WCW.