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XFL Streaker Carried Off Field in Handcuffs

Say what you want about the level of play and the new rules, but the new XFL already has a knack for theatrics. The reboot football league has shown trick plays and even a player puking on the field, for crying out loud. It also proved it's not immune to streakers.

When the New York Guardians hosted the Tampa Bay Vipers for the home opener at MetLife Stadium, a man wearing nothing but his underwear decided it would be wise to take the field.

Unlike the Super Bowl streaker Kelly Kay in Miami, this guy had a much better run and even made it onto the field of play before being met by a large group of security guards and taken away in handcuffs.

XFL Streaker at MetLife Stadium

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The first streaker at an XFL game this season really comes as no surprise. Streaking at sporting events, especially football games, has weird become a normal thing. The fact it happened during the XFL's first weekend in New Jersey is rather fitting, too.

The first version of the league definitely had some wild moments, but this definitely added even more spice and flare to the new, trending league.

A man in his undergarments might not get quite the attention of Instagram model Kelly Kay, who was tackled during the NFL's Super Bowl LIV between the Chiefs and 49ers, but the event at that Sunday's matchup is certainly noteworthy.

The fact he was booed for getting arrested and cheered when he was carried off the field is definitely proof of that.

It's unknown whether it was too many beers, a lost bet, or just a guy looking to be famous, but, honestly, it doesn't matter. It already happened and there is no way anyone can undo him running onto the field.

The good news is the Guardians won that game, too.

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