Zion Williamson
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These Are the 10 Best College Dunks of the Year, and Half of Them Are Zion

This year's college basketball season has been one for the ages so far. We've seen a team lose because of a stuffed animal, a shoe famously explode mid-game, and a race between two babies that left everyone on the edge of their seats.

But more importantly, the legends of two superstars-in-the-making were born this season: Zion Williamson from Duke and Ja Morant from Murray State The two are absolute dunking fiends, like vampires that feed off the blood of those they posterize. And thankfully, we get to witness both of them in this year's NCAA Tournament before they become top picks in the NBA Draft.

So to celebrate their slamming talents, I present to you the top-10 dunks this season. And yes, half of them are Zion doing Zion things.

10. Zion Returns With Authority

This one — about 15 seconds into the highlight video — was the emphatic slam in which we welcomed Zion back after his injury. I don't know why, but the only thing I pictured when watching this was Space Jam 3. In this one, Zion is on the Monstars and he handily defeats an aging, ready-to-retire LeBron James. This breakaway dunk is the dagger.

9. Obi-tween The Legs

Dayton is home of the Flyers. Obi Toppin shares a first name with Luke Skywalker's mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. It only makes sense that Toppin can defy gravity and finish this forceful dunk. And to go for a between-the-legs dunk IN A GAME? That's an A-plus from me.

8. Terence Davis Posterizes Rocky Top


I have one question: What was the Tennessee defender doing? He completely whiffs on the block then gets his head dunked on. Maybe leave the rim-related activity to your teammate, Admiral Schofield. (Keep scrolling for why.)

7. Zion's Two-Handed Flush

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There's something magical about two-handed slams like this. I'm honestly surprised Zion didn't shatter the glass or dismantle the whole freakin' hoop here.

6. Zion Windmill-son

The steal. The windmill. That sound. Has anyone nominated this video for an Oscar yet?

5. Ja Morant Jumps Over Poor Defender

Jumping over someone while dunking is usually reserved for dunk contests. Ja Morant does what he wants, though. Morant is shooting up draft boards, and it's because of explosive plays like this.

4. An Admiral-able Slam

This is what happens when you try to take a charge from a guy named Admiral. Never get in the way of anyone named Admiral, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant or any other name associated with the armed forces. You'll probably end up like that defender did after he tried to take a charge against Tennessee's Admiral Schofield.

3. Ja Hurts The Rim, Probably

I don't even feel bad for the defenders trying to guard Morant. I feel bad for the rim for having to endure such a dunk at the 1:40 mark in the video. Thankfully he'll be doing this for years in the NBA.

2. Right On, Zion

Oh, you know, this is just Zion going coast-to-coast, dribbling through Virginia's entire team and finishing over a Cavalier with his right hand while also getting fouled. Just another day at the office for the future first-overall pick.

1. The 360

*Dickie V voice* ARE YOU SERIOUSSS!? Not only does Zion make the 360 part look ridiculously effortless, he also looks like he's literally throwing it down. That's how high this 285-pound monster leaps. Take it easy on 'em, Zion.

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