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Army Player Headbutts Assistant Coach With Helmet On

A ranked showdown between the Army Black Knights and Cincinnati Bearcats meant the adrenaline was pumping at a high level on Saturday afternoon. Both teams wanted a win and keep their undefeated season alive. Nobody showed that more than Army senior offensive lineman Mike Johnson.

Johnson, a team captain, is listed at 6-foot-3 and 285 pounds. In other words, he's a big dude. Getting hit by him in a college football game wouldn't feel great. But a headbutt? When he has his helmet on and you don't? That's a different level of pain and what fullbacks coach Mike Viti unfortunately got on the sideline in Ohio.

The assistant coach was excited. The Black Knights had picked up a first down, according to CBS Sports, and was ready to greet the Army football players during a timeout. What he wasn't ready for, however, was Johnson taking the celebration to the next level with a head-butt that nearly knocked him out.

Army Player Headbutts Coach With Helmet On

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From high school to the NFL, headbutting is a common celebration. It's a little reckless, sure, but it happens quite often, especially after touchdowns. The only difference here is this headbutt was a on a football coach and not a teammate with a helmet on.

Mike Viti, a West Point alum, stumbled backwards, like anyone would, but a fellow staff member and player kept him from going down.

Just when you thought you've seen everything during the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, this happened. It was trending on social media for most of the weekend.

So much happened around NCAA football, including Alabama and Miami dominating, Oklahoma getting beat at home, and LSU losing to Mississippi State. There was plenty in the MLB and NBA, too. However, an Army coach getting head butted in the heat of a moment is impossible to ignore.

To add insult to injury, the Black Knights also lost the game. Let's just hope Viti didn't get hurt too bad and this never, ever happens again.

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