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Les Miles Life Lessons: The Earth is Round. Kind Of.

For Kansas Jayhawks head coach Les Miles, his life in NCAA college football is about to come full circle. The 66-year-old probably never thought he'd be leading the lowly Big 12 school, but he's about to return to the place where it all began: Stillwater, Oklahoma.

For 20 years, Miles worked as an assistant coach for Michigan, Colorado, Oklahoma State and even the NFL's Dallas Cowboys before getting his shot at to be the head coach the OSU Cowboys. He's turned it into a fine career, too, and even won a BCS National Championship with the LSU Tigers along the way.

Now, after a bye week and getting clobbered by Kansas State, Miles is getting his football team ready to return to Boone Pickens Stadium and face head coach Mike Gundy's Cowboys on Saturday morning.

So leading up to the game, a reporter naturally asked what Miles has learned since his time at Oklahoma State. However, he gave an answer nobody in the United States probably expected.

"That the Earth is round, generally speaking. There's some areas where it's flat, but mostly round," he said at his press conference.

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This is definitely straight from the Kyrie Irving school of thought. There is a metaphor here in his comments, for sure, but talking about the curvature of the Earth — one of life's weird conspiracy theories — was very much a surprise.

Flat Earthers — people who, for whatever reason, like debating whether or not the shape of the Earth is a sphere — even have to be puzzled by this comment.

No matter what happens on game day, the rest of the season, or even the remainder of his career, it will be pretty hard to look at Les Miles and not think of this comment since it was so out there.

After all, the ball, and the globe, doesn't lie.

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