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Female Reporter Scores 2-Point Conversion in Illinois Spring Game

Imagine Erin Andrews throwing on the pads and subbing in for Christian McCaffrey on third and long. What if Pam Oliver pushed Tom Brady aside on the sideline and threw a touchdown?

No one would ever expect a reporter to play in a game. They usually stay near the benches gathering injury reports and talking to sources.

In the Illinois spring game on Monday night, the team drew up a two-point conversion play but not for their usual passer. Big Ten Network reporter Elise Menaker stepped in (jersey on, too) and scored with ease.

Get yourself a sideline reporter who can report the game and play in it.

Female Reporter Scores in Spring Game

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Menaker told the broadcast that they gave her a jersey and surprisingly told her to get out on the field. She handed the microphone to head coach Bret Bielema and it was show time.

Bielema told her to "get in the huddle" and she put the pep in her step real quick. This ain't no backyard football, Elise. This is the big leagues.

Menaker lined up under center and received the snap without any issues. She dropped back like Dan Marino and spun a perfect spiral to tight end Daniel Barker for the conversion.

Then, Menaker broke out the "floss" dance to celebrate the play.

"I felt good. I was in charge out there. They were all taking it so seriously. I had to call the play and everything," she said.

No one should be surprised by Elise Menaker's cannon. She was a three-time First-Team All-Ivy third baseman for Cornell softball in her heyday. She was inducted into the Cornell Athletics Hall of Fame in 2020.

Menaker likely made history at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois on Monday night. I doubt a female reporter has ever scored in a game — spring or fall — on TV before. Who cares if the score was 52-6?

Considering the Fighting Illini have endured nine straight losing seasons, maybe the school should see if Elise has any eligibility left.

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