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Punter Kicks Ball Off Teammate's Head for Hilarious Negative Play

The Boise State Broncos are know for their bright blue football field, their magical undefeated season back in 2009 and, of course, their legendary "Hook and Ladder" and "Statue of Liberty" trick plays in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma.

Since those days, Brian Harsin has left Idaho for the head coaching job at Auburn and the Broncos haven't quite returned to that same dominance. In fact, BSU might be becoming more known for plays like the negative 38-yard punt.

We've written about some really awful plays on special teams. The 0-yard punt was hilarious and Johnny Hekker's backwards punt were some of the worst.

But Boise State's punter managed to give the other team 38 yards when he booted the ball against Utah State this season. He also may have bruised a teammate in the process.

Boise State Negative Punt

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I'm not sure college football fans have ever seen something so bonkers. Boise State punter Joel Velazquez took the snap with his team up 28-7 expecting to flip the field.

Apparently, he took one too many steps forward. His punt drilled his blocking teammate in front of him in the helmet and flew back a ridiculous 38 yards. Velazquez had a chance at recovering the ball on this disastrous play, but his tackle actually forced a Utah State play to fumble the ball farther.

I'm sure every blocker on special teams has feared this would happen at some point. All it takes is one low snap or low kick. Next thing you know, he's probably on the SportsCenter Not Top 10.

The good news is that this awful punt didn't affect the game's outcome. Boise State went on to beat the Aggies, 42-13. If you ask me, this is a peak Mountain West Conference play.

I'd love to see him (or anyone) try to duplicate this.

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