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Lane Kiffin Offers Scholarship to Heisman Trophy Winner’s 11-Year-Old Son

It's no secret football is as crazy as it is fun. There is plenty of evidence in insane formations, syrup shots for pancake blocks, and now with an 11-year-old son of a former Heisman Trophy winner being offered a scholarship.

Hearing football prodigies received a scholarship offer at a young age is nothing new. It's become a rather weird and frequent occurrence. But despite the NCAA not recognizing a true offer until a prospect reaches the ninth grade, that hasn't stopped Florida Atlantic head coach Lane Kiffin from offering a sixth grader.

So let's introduce the world to Cole Leinart, the son of former USC quarterback Matt Leinart, who now holds an unofficial offer to play football for the Owls in Conference USA.

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The best part? Kiffin, who is no stranger to these types of offers (see: David Sills) and even offered Steve Clarkson's son, Pierce Clarkson, last summer, confirmed it, which is absolutely forbidden if this were a real offer from FAU and Cole Leinart was in high school.

Some might find this offer hilarious. Others might find this to be a joke, but it actually makes perfect sense.

As Matt Leinart dominated college football with the USC Trojans — winning the 2004 Heisman Trophy and at least one national championship that counts — Kiffin was the wide receivers coach at Southern California and then the offensive coordinator for the left-hander's final season.

Leinart was selected No. 10 overall in the 2006 Draft and enjoyed a solid NFL career for a few years.

So why not recruit Leinart's son Cole? He obviously has good genetics, and the family already is familiar with Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin.

Already at 5-foot-7, Cole Leinart has a chance to be as tall as as his 6-foot-5 father and has a rocket for a right arm at such a young age.

Make no mistake about it: #colecomingto#thefau is a real thing.

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