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Football Player Punched His Coach Twice & Got Expelled

Absolutely awful.

Tennessee State defensive end Latrelle Lee was kicked off the football team and expelled from school after punching strength coach T.J. Greenstone twice in the head on the sidelines during a game in 2017.

Trouble for Lee got worse, as The Tennessean reported Lee was charged with a felony, one count of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. According to reports, the coach, who is a former Vanderbilt player, was "walking down the sideline making sure players who were not in the game weren't too close to the field" so the team would avoid penalties.

Something must have been said between Greenstone and Lee, because those punches were nasty.

Tennessee State Player Punches Coach

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Greenstone fell to the ground after the punches. The video shows a little yanking on tugging between the two men, but the strikes seem to come out of nowhere and there doesn't appear to be a major confrontation beforehand.

How in the world did none of those players or coaches become enraged at Lee after watching him punch this dude in the head?

Lee was booked in jail but posted a $7,500 bond the Monday night after the game.

Lee played in 16 games (starting six) prior to his expulsion that season. After being expelled as a senior, TSU teammates of his began rallying on social media for him to receive his degree. Players posted photos on Instagram with the caption #GiveLeeHisDegree.

Lee might have eventually earned his degree, but he'll probably never be able to live this terrifying clip down.

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