Girl Embarrasses Her Brother With Backyard One-Handed Catch
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When two siblings go up against each other on the court, gridiron or diamond, you can expect there to be fierce competition.

For Loryn Goodwin, a WNBA player and former Oklahoma State women’s college basketball player, that is most definitely true. There was no way she was going to be denied when she lined up at wide receiver against her brother in some backyard football. Little did he know he was tasked with guarding the most athletic sibling in the family.

Considering she’s related to an NFL wide receiver and Olympian, it should be no surprise Loryn toasts him.

Loryn Goodwin’s Catch Embarrasses Brother

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You knew Loryn was about to do something impressive when she does a slight stretch in her cut-up jean shorts.

Her brother TJ Goodwin, who played college football as a quarterback for the UTEP Miners, immediately dominates her. He pushes her back at the line of scrimmage and knocks her off her route (pass interference, anyone?), if she has one.

Loryn wasn’t denied, though. She circles around her quarterback and cuts back across the field. She then hauls in the pass with one hand and sends everyone around into a frenzy. TJ, meanwhile, looked like he was forced to run home in embarrassment.


“This is what it’s like to be a girl in the Goodwin family. Are y’all rough with your siblings like this? Lol 🥵🥵🥵 Watch til the end to see me #catchlikeagirl,” she wrote on social media.

ESPN’s SportsCenter shared the video on Instagram, where it’s been viewed more than three million times.

Loryn Goodwin isn’t just some girl in a backyard. She starred on the court for OK State before played in the WNBA for the Dallas Wings. She’s also the cousin of Marquise Goodwin, the speedy veteran NFL wide receiver who has played for the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles.


Loryn may not be as fast as her cousin, but it’s easy to see that she has the same pass-catching genes.

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