LJ Scott

Michigan State’s Running Back Has a Seriously Awful Driving Record

It's no secret college football players can make some pretty interesting choices. From eating a crazy breakfast to being arrested for knuckles possession or even thinking a cop car was Uber, nothing is surprising at this point. Someone needs to tell Michigan State running back LJ Scott to quit driving because his record is off-the-charts terrible.

The 6-foot-1, 225-pound senior just took another $400 hit to his wallet on Tuesday for court costs after being cited for three violations by Meridian Township Police on September 29, the same day the Spartans played Central Michigan, according to the Detroit Free Press and court records from the 55th District Court. Scott was cited for making an importer turn, operating a vehicle without a valid plate, and driving without proof of insurance.

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If this was the first offense, this is hardly newsworthy. Athlete or not, people get traffic violations on a daily basis. The issue here is this far from the first time Scott has been in trouble while driving, to put it mildly.

The 22-year-old Scott had two minor violations in East Lansing, Michigan this year, according to the Detroit Free Press, including one for parking on a sidewalk in March and another for disobeying a sign controlling parking in August.

But that's not it, either.

Last October, Scott, a Youngstown, Ohio native, was arrested and charged in 54B District Court with his seventh (SEVENTH!!!) infraction of driving on a suspended license before reaching a plea agreement.

These are far from horrible legal troubles, but, man, what gives? How many times can one person possibly get pulled over while in college? That's an insane amount of traffic violations.

Needless to say, it hasn't been an easy time for Scott, who only has 30 carries for 103 yards this season and has been sidelined for head coach Mark Dantonio's team since Sept. 8 with a leg injury.

Scott is incredibly talent, as he's shown countless times racking up 2,694 rushing yards and 25 rushing touchdowns in his career, and will immediately help the Spartans when he returns to the gridiron. Hopefully this is the end of his injury and the days of getting pulled over, too.

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