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This 300-Pound Lineman's "Cartwheel" Trick Play Never Gets Old

Every college football fan should love a trick play. After all, they make the game even more exciting and it's fun to watch coaches get creative. Some of them fail, of course, but there are a handful that make you do nothing but laugh. This next play absolutely passes the test.

Back in November 2019, when the rest of the sports world was talking about the NFL's private workout for free agent Colin Kaepernick, College Football Playoff rankings and No. 1 Kentucky's loss to Evansville, the Ohio Bobcats were busy pulling a fast one on the Western Michigan Broncos.

Midway through the third quarter, Ohio head coach Frank Solich was looking for something to keep an impressive drive going. So he decided to put offensive lineman Hagen Meservy out at wide receiver.

The 6-foot-3, 300-pound junior didn't even run past the line of scrimmage. Instead, he did a cartwheel to distract the defense. And for some reason, the play worked.

Ohio's Cartwheel Trick Play

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On 1st-and-10 from the WMU 35, Ohio quarterback Nathan Rourke found tight end Adam Luehrman for a 25-yard gain. The next play, running back De'Montre Tuggle rushed in for a 10-yard touchdown to give the Bobcats the lead for the first time in the game.

It was Lehrman's only catch of the night, but all anyone could talk about was the random cartwheel.

Honestly, who lines up a big man like Meservy on the outside and tells him to do a cartwheel? That is MACtion on ESPN in its finest hour.

There's not a single coach atop the CFP rankings last season that would have tried to pull this off in an NCAA game. Not LSU. Not Ohio State. Not Alabama. Not Oklahoma. Not even Minnesota.

Just imagine watching this play in practice, when the offensive lineman lines up and does the cartwheel for the first time. It would be impossible not to laugh.

Although the play worked, Ohio fell to Western Michigan in overtime, 37-34. But on a night when the sports news was heavy, we got one of the greatest decoys you will ever see.

Needless to say, you won't be finding this in the Football for Dummies handbook.

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This article was originally published November 14, 2019, but watching big guys doing cartwheels gets better every single time. 

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