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The Turnover Pimp Cane is Here, And Miami's Chain is Officially Lame

Everyone recognizes the Turnover Chain made famous by the Miami Hurricanes. It's been three years since its debut, and plenty of posers have followed in its footsteps. Boise State sat in the Turnover Throne. Arizona State had Turnover Curls. Something called the Turnover Backpack even made its way to the Florida State Seminoles.

But I'm telling you, in all my days of being a college football fan, never have I seen anything take my breath away like the almighty Morehead State University Eagles and the brand new Turnover Pimp Cane.

The Eagles embarrassed Union College in their season opener. Like, "they-shouldn't-have-been-on-the-same-field" embarrassed them. Morehead State, members of the Pioneer League, defeated Union, which plays in the NAIA (a completely different tier than the NCAA), 44-7. MSU quarterback Pat Pappas accounted for five touchdowns in his first-career start, leading the offense to 587 total yards. Even more incredible, Morehead State finished with a 294-34 edge in rushing yards. Yikes.

Then, it happened.

After Isaiah Tigler snagged Morehead State's third interception of the game in the fourth quarter, he ascended into the viral video stratosphere when he was seen flaunting the brand new Morehead State Turnover Pimp Cane.

Move over, Miami. Morehead State University is here to become the hottest destination in the United States. I hope these Kentucky-based demigods advance the school's first FCS national championship game this season so everyone can witness this glorious emblem of defensive football dominance.

Now, it's not to be confused with Texas A&M's knock-off version from 2017, which wasn't bad, but running back Trayveon Williams didn't do it nearly the same justice as Isaiah Tigler.

Head coach Rob Tenyar may only have a 25-43 record entering his seventh season, but he now has the ultimate recruiting tool and college football's newest and greatest celebration.

Morehead State Football Schedule

Aug. 29: UNION (KY.)

Sept. 7: at Illinois State


Sept. 21: at Murray State


Oct. 12: at Jacksonville

Oct. 19: BUTLER (Homecoming)

Oct. 26: at Drake

Nov. 2: DAYTON

Nov. 9: at Valparaiso

Nov. 16: at San Diego

Nov. 23: STETSON (Senior Day)

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