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The University of Alabama, believe it or not, compete in sports other than football. Despite all the attention going to head coach Nick Saban‘s football program, there are other Crimson Tide sports representing the university at the Division I level. They’re all on the brink of a massive upgrade.

The university announced “The Crimson Standard” at a meeting Thursday morning. The endeavor will be a 10-year, $600 million project that will renovate, update and improve various athletic facilities across the University of Alabama’s athletic programs.

You read that right: six-hundred million dollars. Somewhere, Doctor Evil’s iconic pinky just rose up in delight.

From Bryant-Denny Stadium to Coleman Coliseum to the Mal. M Moore Athletic Facility, the university’s student-athletes would be getting a massive upgrade across campus.

These computer-generated fly throughs of the new plans are jaw-dropping from start to finish.

The initiative, spearheaded by The Crimson Tide Foundation, already had $143-million pledged to the project when it was announced by the university.

Athletic director Greg Byrne started off the program explaining the initiative behind the multi-million endeavor.

“We have a mission to build and maintain a program that achieves academic success and wins championships in all sports by educating and developing the best student-athletes, and by supporting and retaining outstanding coaches.

“Our core values also begin with the commitment to the total support of the educational, athletic and personal development of all student-athletes.”

The program as it stands isn’t green-lighted just yet — the program needs to pass approval from the Board of Trustees, presidential approval from Dr. Stuart R. Bell and, of course, that little side project about raising the $600 million required to complete the renovations.

Nick Saban took the stage after Byrne, and reiterated Alabama’s commitment to the impact this project will have on the football program for years to come.

“To improve the weight room, the locker room, to make the improvements to the stadium that we’re talking about are all things that I think will continue to provide Alabama to have a standard that is number one all across the country.

“I think people try to emulate what we do — on the field, off the field — so I think to continue to be proactive and aggressive in the future is only going to help us keep the kind of standard, relative to everybody else, that we need to have continued success.”

So, who’s paying for the party?

Well, the Crimson Tide Foundation offers multiple avenues for donors to contribute including annual gifts, endowments, pledges, honorary gifts and planned gifts.

Want a chance to have your name attached to an area of the renovation?

You can submit your application, as well as a donation ranging somewhere from $25,000 to $50 million — that donation, and the attached name, is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, of course.

It’s an insane project that only figures to propel Alabama from one of the best athletic programs in the country to THE elite athletic university in the country.

Buckle up, and hope the Tide start rolling in the dough to get this done.

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