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Nick Saban’s “Make Them Quit” Speech Against LSU Gets the Adrenaline Pumping

Nick Saban is a great motivator, and he's incredibly passionate about his craft.

So when the Alabama Crimson Tide prepared to take on the LSU Tigers in 2008, Saban's words were like daggers.

Nick Saban's Make Them Quit Speech

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Saban's history with LSU is well documented. He took over the Baton Rouge program in 2000 and led them to a national championship in 2003. The Miami Dolphins came calling in 2004 and Saban jumped at the opportunity to coach in the NFL.

Unfortunately for anyone not in Tuscaloosa, things didn't work out for Saban in the pros and the head coach jumped back to the college football ranks by taking the Alabama job in 2007.

Five years removed from winning a national championship at LSU, the Saban then wasn't the Saban we know now. He was in the process of building a national powerhouse in his second season. What better way to establish a program than by beating the defending national champion?

Saban reminded his players what Alabama football was all about before taking the field at Tiger Stadium. Careful, make sure there aren't any brick walls around before reading this.

"How much does this game mean to you? If it means something to you, you can't stand still. You play fast, you play strong. You go out there and dominate the guy you're playing against and make his ass quit. That's our trademark," said Saban.

Saban's fiery speech worked. 'Bama won the game 27-21. There was a new sheriff in the SEC West.

The Alabama head coach is up there with the best of them in delivering impassioned speeches. How could you not give your all after hearing something like that?

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