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FSU vs. Florida: Relive 2003's Explosive Postgame Fight

Following a 38-34 Florida State victory over Florida in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in 2003, one of the most infamous fights took place on Florida field.

The Seminoles decided to celebrate their victory by stomping on the Florida "F" that used to be in the middle of the field in Gainesville. When they did so, we all know what happened next. Florida and Florida State players went at it to give us an unforgettable scene from this rivalry game.

FSU-Florida Postgame Fight

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For those that don't remember, this was after the famous "Swindle in the Swamp" game. Chris Rix's late touchdown to PK Sam provided the 'Noles with a crazy victory.

As FSU head coach Bobby Bowden met Florida's Ron Zook on the field, a nasty fight broke out between players. In a rivalry series that has featured countless memorable moments, there's no doubt this one was one of the more unforgettable ones.

"These kids are pretty intense against each other. I'm sorry it happened," Bowden said immediately afterward in an on-field interview.

When Florida and Florida State take the field, there's never any love lost.

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