Les Miles

Les Miles Honors Social Media Bet, Dons Steve Spurrier’s Gators Visor

Steve Spurrier and Les Miles made a bet prior to Florida and LSU's game this past weekend, and the terms were interesting to say the least.

If LSU won, Spurrier said he would eat grass (no, really). And if Florida won, as they did, Miles would have to wear one of Spurrier's signature Gator visors. Miles, of course, honored the bet once Florida took down fifth-ranked LSU 27-19 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.

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"I would never wear half a hat. Can I take this thing off yet?" Miles joked.

"Take it off? You just put it on," Spurrier quipped back. "And besides, it looks pretty good on you."

What's interesting is that the video was posted only about two hours after the game ended, meaning it was probably filmed beforehand, MEANING a separate video of Spurrier eating grass was likely filmed in case Florida lost and is floating around on someone's phone. At least one can only hope.

Shoot, Miles even fixed a plate of grass for Spurrier.

Miles was LSU's head coach from 2005-2016 while Spurrier, currently an ambassador for Florida, was Florida's head coach from 1990-2001. Miles owned a 114-34 record and led the Tigers to a National Championship in 2007. Spurrier maintained a 122-27 record and led the Gators to their first National Championship in 1996.

Although the two never crossed paths as head coaches at these respective schools, it made for some entertaining hype before this rivalry game.

What would've made this proposition even better is if current coaches Dan Mullen and Ed Orgeron had agreed to something similar. Maybe for Florida-Georgia Mullen can agree to take a picture with Uga and Kirby Smart can agree to wear a pair of Mullen's Jordans? Just spitballing.

Spurrier and Miles' bet felt a bit artificial once it was clear they were both partnered with Dos Equis, but nonetheless it made for a good laugh.

One last thing to note: Spurrier mentions Miles would have to wear the visor for a week, so if you happen to come across him without it on this week, make sure to remind him to put it on. And if any Gator fans need a new background for your phone, we've got you covered.

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