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Herschel Walker's 5 Best Touchdown Runs at Georgia, Ranked

It shouldn't have to be said, but Herschel Walker is the greatest running back in SEC history. By the time he concluded his career at the University of Georgia, the Athens legend compiled 49 rushing touchdowns and 5,259 rushing yards, the latter of which is a record that no one's come close to.

The 1982 Heisman Trophy winner did the unfathomable while running over defenders, stiff-arming players and scoring touchdowns. Using his imposing physique and one-of-a-kind speed, he raced his way into the record books by becoming the only player to finish in the top three of Heisman voting three years in a row.

Herschel's records, much like he was on the gridiron, are untouchable. That being said, the College Football Hall of Fame legend put together quite the highlight reel while wearing the red and black inside Sanford Stadium. Here are the five best runs of his collegiate career.

Herschel Walker's 5 Best Touchdown Runs at Georgia

5. Herschel's 76-Yarder in a Heisman Showdown

Walker didn't win the 1980 Heisman (though he took home some more important hardware later in the season). That belonged to South Carolina running back George Rogers. When the two faced off that season, both teams were ranked inside the top 15. The matchup didn't disappoint.

Walker carried the ball 43 times for 219 yards. Rogers went for 168 yards on 35 carries. The freshman and his Dawgs came out on top, but not before Walker looked like an Olympic sprinter on a 76-yard rushing touchdown, tied for longest of his career with this next one...

4. Herschel Burns A&M For 76 Yards

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I know. It wasn't as good of a game as the South Carolina one. Georgia walloped A&M, 42-0. But this was just the freshman's second career game, and he was doing that? Walker hit the hole and never looked back as numerous Aggie defenders could only chew on his dust. Surprisingly, he never rushed for longer than 76 yards on a single play.

3. Herschel Goes "Superman" vs. Ole Miss

One of the only plays on here not from his freshman season wasn't a long one, but it was impressive. Georgia needed a foot for a first down against Ole Miss in 1981 and called upon Walker to leap over the defense. Herschel gave them much more than a foot. He went full Superman, somehow bounced off two defenders and waltzed into the end zone. How stayed on his feet I'm not sure.

2. "He Had No Business Not Falling Down"

Watch this 10 times and try to make sense of it, because I sure can't. Walker's 59-yard touchdown against Georgia Tech in 1982 looked more like a pee wee player with a fake birth certificate. He broke tackle after tackle as Larry Munson gave UGA fans a terrific call: "He had no business not falling down, no business at all."

1. "My God, a Freshman!"

Herschel's first touchdown was also his best, and it's not close. He entered the season-opener in 1980 against Tennessee as the fourth-string running back but left it much higher. What he did to Bill Bates was something you just don't see out of freshmen in their very first game.

The 16-yard touchdown showcased Herschel's power — he ran over a future three-time Super Bowl champion and probably left footprints in him. Munson's call made it iconic, too: "Oh you, Herschel Walker. My God O'mighty, he ran right through two men!"

Herschel Walker was an NCAA legend with the Georgia Bulldogs before he played in the USFL and NFL for teams like the Donald Trump-owned New Jersey Generals, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. These memorable touchdown runs just further cement that.

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