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UTEP's Creative Fake QB Sneak Caught Everyone Sleeping

College football's bowl season is when teams turn to the dustiest page of their playbook and go for broke.

Thorough research tells me the most YOLOs per play happen between mid-December and early January. Take a look at Boise State in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Western Kentucky's fake kneel or Nebraska's Fumblerooski. Might as well right?

The UTEP Miners are the latest member of this exclusive club. They joined by baiting Fresno State with one of the safest plays in football.

UTEP's Fake QB Sneak

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We're coming to you live from the New Mexico Bowl. The Fresno State Bulldogs held a 26-17 lead over UTEP at the start of the fourth quarter. UTEP faced a third-and-one at midfield. Quarterback Calvin Brownholtz lined up under center. Behind him are three running backs bunched together ready to "Bush Push" if they have to.

Brownholtz took the snap and delayed his sneak. What's this? He popped up and dropped a pass to tight end Trent Thompson. Thompson hauls it in while Fresno State was still processing what was happening. He turns on the jets and takes it to the end zone for six.

After the PAT, the lead is cut to two, 26-24.

First off, the QB sneak is my favorite play in football. It moves the chains or gets you a touchdown, and it's basically a guarantee. Some quarterbacks have mastered the QB sneak. Take Tom Brady for instance. Watching him sneak is like watching Picasso paint.

So, when you take a play that everyone knows is coming and flip it on its head, the result speaks for itself.

In fact, I would take this play as an opportunity to explore an all-QB sneak offense. Think of the possibilities. You milk the clock, you keep your receivers and running backs healthy and it makes for great television. Throw in a fake sneak every once in a while and defenses won't know what hit them. I'm surprised Sean Payton hasn't tried it with Taysom Hill yet.

Fresno State ended up winning the game, 31-24, but it was UTEP who gave the the sneak in QB sneak a new definition.

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