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Softball Player's No-Look Bunt Baffles Fielders

Bunting is necessary to softball in the same way Velveeta cheese is a must-have on a burger (don't even try to say Swiss cheese is better).

Unless a girl is a forceful power hitter at the plate, she probably knows how to lay down the perfect bunt. Even if she isn't the fastest on the team, the threat of a well-placed bunt on such a tiny diamond is too important not to know how to do. Small ball wins games.

However, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. This young girl's no-look, behind-the-back bunt is proof of that.

Softball Player's No-Look Accidental Bunt


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Lucky. That's the key word.

When this 12U softball batter stepped into the box, she probably could have never predicted this outcome. The lefty ducked out of the way of an incoming fastball but failed to bring her bat down along with her.

The result? A perfect bunt.

The runner on third came home to score, and the serendipitous batter reached first base safely despite looking around confused when the accident bunt happened. Even the fielders were a bit baffled by the play. The best part is she received an RBI for simply trying to dodge a rising ball coming for her head.

The play took place at Carl Thornton Park in Santa Ana, California. The girl's 12U softball coach, Alyssa Razo, posted the video to social media app TikTok, where it's collected more than 250,000 views and was reposted by popular Instagram account "HighlightHer."

We don't know the batter's name, but that isn't all that important. What is important is that she gave us the rare no-look, behind-the-back RBI bunt single that you just don't see every day.

I think it's time she teams up with Sarah Rowles, the girl who went viral for a very intentional behind-the-back bunt, to teach bunting clinics.

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