Paralyzed High Schooler Scores TD With Help of His Teammates
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There’s nothing quite like high school football. Playing under those Friday Night Lights can be magical for so many and produce memories that will last a lifetime. For senior football player Brady Sprik, there was no better feeling than putting on his pads again.

Sprik, who plays for the Platte-Geddes Black Panthers in South Dakota, was involved in a serious vehicle accident on October 12, 2017. He was paralyzed from the mid-chest down, according to, and longed for the day to return to the gridiron.

In the fourth quarter against Gregory, almost exactly three years after the car accident his freshman year, that dream became a reality, and his teammates helped him score a once-in-a-lifetime touchdown.

Brady Sprik’s Memorable Touchdown

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This is one of those trending videos and touching moments in life that are impossible to forget. Even if you don’t know Brady Sprik, or what he’s been through, watching the senior score a touchdown will give you goosebumps.

According to, Platte-Geddes head coach Bruce Hanson told Sprik he would get him into the end zone again last season. He delivered on that promise in a big-time way.

The Black Panthers practiced the play leading up to the game. Hanson told Gregory coach John King the plan and everyone bought in. Then, after a timeout in the fourth quarter, both coaching staffs made it happen.


Sprik, who is in a wheelchair, went onto the field. He amazingly got up and stood beside quarterback Kelby VanDerWerff, who hiked it and handed him the ball. All that was left was a few short steps to the end zone with VanDerWerff and teammate Nate Whalen assisting him.

It was the final score in the 42-6 rout by Platte-Geddes and the moment belonged to Sprik.

“Ecstatic,” Sprik said, via USA Today. “I was just really happy. It’s been three years since I put pads on and it feels good.”

In the accident, Sprik broke several ribs and teeth, and fractured his back in seven places. Even if for a brief moment, during a football season in the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, that pain went away and he was able to score a touchdown many will never forget.


“I am glad I was able to do it and huge thanks to the Gregory coaches for agreeing to this and letting me do this,” Sprik said. “It was a pleasure.”

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