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Offensive Lineman's "No-Look Backwards Pass" Trick Play Somehow Works

High school coaches must be some of the most creative people in the football world, because they come up with the wackiest and wildest trick plays never seen in college football or the NFL. Maybe that's why the Texas high school coaches make some serious bank.

Hide-and-seek plays. Making a player "faint" in the middle of a play. Denton Ryan High School's iconic "starburst" kick return. Nothing is off limits to the evil geniuses that man sidelines across the country.

One trick play that has maybe never been done before is the no-look backwards catapult pass. That's what I'll call it, but I'm not sure whatever Colony-Crest High School pulled off needs a name.

No-Look Backwards Pass Trick Play

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Colony-Crest begins its goal-like formation with two players in the shotgun formation. One takes the direct snap, and that's when you need to look closely at what takes place.

Offensive lineman Stratton McGhee is given the ball. With his back to the end zone, he simply flips the ball over his head despite have no clue where it's going.

Kobey Miller come down with the jump ball for the score, making this trick play look a lot easier than it probably is.

Crest beat St. Paul by a final score of 58-8. Maybe head coach Nick McAnulty decided to have a little fun once he knew the game was out of reach. Can you blame him? Clearly, he knows what he's doing, because Crest is 4-0 on the season.

Colony, Kansas, is a city of a little more than 400 people. That means likely half of the population was in attendance for the bizarre yet successful trick play.

Now, we wait for New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to get word of Crest's ridiculous trick play, because something tells me he's crazy enough to pull it off and show the world. It's not like Cam Newton is new to trick plays.

I just hope McAnulty has more tricks in his bag when Crest takes on Waverly next.

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