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Cocky Little Leaguer Boogies During Walk-Up in Hilarious Video

Confidence is a crucial part of any sport. It's the difference between wanting the ball in your hands at the end of the game and turning down an open shot. It's the difference between winking at your crush in the first row after smashing a home run and telling yourself you're definitely going to do it next time.

This kind of self-assurance comes at different ages whether you're an MLB All-Star or a pee wee football player. For one Little League baseball player, it's already extremely apparent.

Little Leaguer's Dance Moves During Walk-Up

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This little dude is getting ready in the on-deck circle. His teammate is done at the plate, and now, it's his turn.

He'd be remiss not to walk into the batter's box in style.

His walk-up song starts playing (it's "Mi Trokita Cumbia" by Obzesion). He grooves, bounces back and forth with swagger and finally struts towards home plate. He's a hitter on a mission.

The crowd absolutely loves it. They cannot get enough of this kid.

I have to assume his teammates are dancing right along with him in the dugout.

The only problem with a walk-up of this magnitude is you have to back it up. Anything other than a hit makes you look foolish, and it only motivates the pitcher more. In this kid's case, I think a flop is impossible given how much he crushed it.

It's unclear how his at-bat went. I'm hoping he smashed a home run to give the people a dance around the bases.

People might say it's disrespectful for a youth baseball player to bust a move like this. Obviously, those people can't dance.

And if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine.

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