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HS Football Player Catches His Own 40-Yard Hail Mary

Remember Vine? As a teenager, I would spend hours on that app. The video-sharing platform gave us some great content in its incredibly brief history, and the six-second clips did wonders for my already declining attention span.

High school junior Gary Haynes went viral from a Vine video back in 2014, when he showed off his athletic prowess.

Haynes attended Manvel High School in Houston, Texas, and played on the football team there. As one of the fastest players on the field, Haynes played a solid cornerback, but no one could have expected just how quick he truly was.

In a video filmed on his cell phone, Haynes chucked up a Hail Mary and caught his own 40-yard pass.

HS Football Player Catches Own Pass

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When viewers took a look at the clip for the first time, they thought Haynes was faking it. After appearing on different tv shows as well as the local news, Haynes proved this wasn't a fluke.

Vine wasn't the only place this video caught on: it blew up on various other social media platforms as well, and Haynes was talked about on ESPN.

Haynes had dreams about playing for the University of Houston one day, and while he didn't join the Cougars, he did end up playing college football. Haynes appeared in 14 games for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns as a wide receiver and caught 36 passes for 228 yards while contributing on defense as well.

This kind of skill hasn't taken hold in the NFL just yet, though I'm sure Deshaun Watson dreamt of doing everything himself while playing for the Houston Texans this year.

Gary Haynes had his viral moment nearly seven years ago, and while fame may be fleeting, it's clear that he is a talented athlete. Now, in his post-playing days, he can use his skill as a neat party trick.

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