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Little Leaguer Throws Punch at Catcher, Gets Ejected

They say all is fair in love and war.

All is fair in baseball when a kid has a mohawk and a pair of Oakley's big enough to double as a face shield. At least to one youth baseball player.

Little Leaguer Punches Catcher, Gets Ejected

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In a video reposted by Jomboy Media on Twitter, a youth baseball player was ejected from a game after throwing a punch at the opposing catcher (who, by the way, sports a gnarly mohawk).

A player's at-bat ended with a routine ground ball to the second baseman. The hitter was thrown out at first base, and the runner on third tried to pull a fast one by taking off for home plate.

The first baseman was ready. He threw a strike to the runner's side of the plate. The catcher, who stood like a statue in the baseline, made the easy tag.

This is where things go awry.

For some reason, the runner didn't slide. He even tried to truck the catcher and the catcher held his ground. Any Major League Baseball team from the Chicago Cubs to the New York Yankees would tell you to slide here. I double checked all the guides, manuals and almanacs to confirm—all of them say you should slide to be safe and that next year should be a plentiful one for corn. Unless there is no chance for a play at the plate.

Had this kid slid, he might have been able to beat the high throw. Instead, he tried beating the catcher's face in.

In the runner's defense, the catcher made a big show of the out by yelling out in pure ecstasy. Clearly, that catcher was antagonizing the runner. It's a feeling reserved for those with mohawks and huge sunglasses, as made famous by Mr. T.

The runner retaliated by throwing a quick jab right at the catcher's kisser.

The home plate umpire immediately separated the two and ejected the puncher from the baseball game. The dugouts cleared, with each coach approaching home plate like it's the Paris Peace Conference. The dispute cooled down afterward.

Some commenters on social media said the kid in the mohawk and Oakleys deserved it. Some said it's just boys being boys. Others said these coaches need to "learn to control your f*****g kids."

I think we can all agree punches don't belong in baseball.

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