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6-Foot-11 Quarterback Proved Size Really Doesn't Matter


Dan McGwire was a tall human being. At 6-foot-8, the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback (and Mark McGwire's brother) is the tallest quarterback in NFL history. He towered over his offensive line and nearly everyone on the field.

Incredibly, he was three inches shorter than the true tallest quarterback to ever step on a football field. That distinction belongs to Logan Routt. Routt was a high school quarterback at Cameron High School in West Virginia. While most kids were still growing and developing, he stood a ridiculous 6-foot-11.

SIX FEET AND 11 INCHES! You have to see this kid to believe it.

Logan Routt: The 6-Foot-11 High School QB


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If you've ever wondered what an NBA player would look like on the gridiron, this is as close as we'll ever get.

Logan Routt was a three-year starter for the Cameron High School football before graduating in 2015. The three-sport star won 13 games at quarterback while also showcasing his skills as a pitcher on the baseball team.

According to MaxPreps and Bleacher Report, he's likely the tallest quarterback ever. That includes the high school, college and professional football ranks.


Routt's athleticism beams through in his highlight reel. Despite resembling a water tower under center, he can scramble out of the pocket and throw the ball deep to wide receivers. That is impressing considering most dudes that tall are goofy and uncoordinated.

In an interview with MaxPreps in 2014, Routt said he began high school at 6-foot-5. The school had trouble getting him a jersey long enough to drape over him and he couldn't fit under the team's inflatable tunnel.

Even better, his favorite receiver in high school stood just 5-foot-5, proving football is one weird sport.


"I always tell them a lot of quarterback-wide receiver combinations are a combined 12 feet, 4 inches," Cameron coach Scott Holt told MaxPreps. "But they do it in a unique way."

Unfortunately, Routt was better at slamming dunks as a basketball player. He went on to play college basketball in the Big 12 for the West Virginia University Mountaineers, where he played from 2015-19. The 6-foot-11, 250-pound player mostly came off the bench as a senior.

Now, Routt plays professionally in Slovenia.


"This is a great opportunity for me," Routt told the Wheeling News-Register. "It's a chance that I really never thought about having, especially when I first arrived at West Virginia, but I just continued to work hard and now I have the opportunity."

We've seen 7-foot players before -- some even weighing as much as 440 pounds -- but none have ever played quarterback. Here's to hoping one day we get one to play in college and the NFL.

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