Mic'd up Little Leaguers in South Dakota made for some hilarious soundbites.
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Mic'd Up Little Leaguers Deliver Double-Play of Hilarious Soundbites & Smiles

Mic'd up players in sports are nothing new. In basketball, we mainly get things like "We gotta stay calm and take smart shots." In football, we get things like "One more stop! One more stop!" or Sam Darnold talking about seeing ghosts. They're normally boring and predictable. As for baseball, well America's pastime has so much downtime it lends itself to the best mic'd up segments. ESPN literally has full conversations with players in the middle of games, which make for incredible soundbites.

However, Little League baseball is the gold standard for mic'd up segments. Earlier this month, a coach-pitch baseball team from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was mic'd up during a game. The results were what you expect: a laser focus on winning. That, and a bunch of random, hilarious and wholesome one-off comments that further confirm that just letting a child speak is pure entertainment.

Mic'd Up Little League Team is Comedy Gold

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First off, I have to shoutout Austin Bramley and Chad Hunt on Twitter for gifting us this content. Without them, I wouldn't have known about the excitement of field trips to poopy land or that tacos were common precipitation in South Dakota.

Anyway, the video is full of great soundbites, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • "Your mom left you."
  • "Beckett, you just had to squeeze it."
  • "Nobody say 'Pitcher's got a big butt to me.'"

I love this video because it brings back fond memories of my time playing baseball at that age. The diamond was a place to goof off with friends. And sure, it's fun to goof off, but it's also fun to win with friends, which is why the short clip of the kid saying "We're gonna win this thing" before making a web gem is so great. His teammate wasn't able to complete the out, but he encouraged him. I bet Beckett squeezed it next time.

The NBA, NFL, and MLB should hire these kids for every mic'd up segment from here on out. No script. Just let them do their thing. Who wouldn't watch?

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