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High School QB Forgets Clock, Loses Game in Embarrassing Fashion


When it comes to high school football, anything can happen. Hidden human trick plays, crazy kick returns and 70-yard throws. Nothing is off limits.

Take for example this state play-in game, where Spanish Fork is leading Maple Mountain, 14-11 with 3.7 seconds remaining on the clock. All Spanish Fork needs to do is run out the clock as the quarterback snaps the ball, runs to his right and sees the clock hit zero.

He stops, thinking the game is over, before he gets out of bounds, but the defense never gives up on the play. A defender strips the quarterback of the ball, picks it up and eventually sprints down the sideline for the go-ahead score and win.

High School QB Stripped As Time Expires


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Oof, all he had to do was run out of bounds or throw the ball away. Heck, anything would have been better than that.

After the game, one of the quarterback's coaches came to his defense. Conner Tracy wrote in the comments section of the video posted by Bleacher Report that the play "is on us as coaches."

"To anyone who sees this: I'm on the coaching staff at Spanish fork. Jason money is an incredible player. He led this team in rushing yards and put the team on his back all night. Jason made all the right plays and gave us the win and we are so darn proud of him for last night and this entire season! This play is on us as coaches. We dropped the ball, not Jason. Most of you won't see this, but take it easy on the kid, be respectful and imagine how you would want someone to treat your friend, brother, son, player after a defeat like this," Tracy wrote.

Either way, I'm sure that kid thought long and hard about that final play.


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