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Bo Jackson's 3 Homers Overshadowed Deion Sanders' Inside-The-Park HR

Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were known for their battles on the football field.

Jackson was the reserved once-in-a-lifetime athlete who once effortlessly stiff-armed the defensive back. Sanders was the outgoing showman who more than deserved his "Prime Time" nickname.

It's well-known that these two were talented baseball players in addition to their football skills. In a regular season Major League Baseball (MLB) game in July 1990, the two put their incredible skills on display.

Bo Jackson vs. Deion Sanders 1990

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Jackson's Kansas City Royals traveled to Yankee Stadium to take on Sanders' New York Yankees in an American League matchup. Only Bo knows what he had for dinner the night before. Whatever it was, it made him a home-run machine.

The Royals center fielder knocked out homers in the first, third and fifth innings. He was playing in his own personal home run derby and drove in a monstrous seven runs.

Then, Deion stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the sixth. He ripped it to center field. Jackson laid out for a diving catch but missed it. If you thought Sanders had speed on the gridiron, it's amplified on the base path.

He zipped around the bases, losing his helmet as he rounded third. The Royals recovered enough to have a chance for the out at home plate. Catcher Mike McFarlane mishandled the throw, Sanders trucked him but missed the plate. They each scrambled. The umpire calls Sanders safe. He emerges victorious.

Out in center, Jackson was slow to get up. He left the game with a shoulder injury. He would've been due for another homer had he stayed.

The Royals would go on to win 10-7. Jackson more than did his part.

This isn't to take away from Sanders' inside-the-park home run. It goes to show how fast he really was. The fans in the Bronx got their money's worth that night.

These two-sport stars always made highlights when they put on the pads in the NFL—Jackson for the Los Angeles Raiders and Sanders for Atlanta Falcons at the time. On the diamond, not much changed.

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