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Dad Catches Son's HR After Baseball Bat Birthday Surprise Brought Him to Tears

Do you remember the first bat your parents gave you? I do. My dad dropped a couple hundred dollars on a red and silver Easton Stealth when I was in little league, about 10 years old. I remember getting my entire team to sign it when it finally cracked after countless Sundays of batting practice with my pops.

Fathers across the country gift their kids with baseball bats. It's a timeless tradition in America's Pastime much like playing catch in the front yard is. When that day comes, it's like Christmas 2.0 because you get to show off your shiny new toy to teammates.

Devon Fowler and his son, Braheim, showed us that a father-son bond can bring each other to tears.

Dad's Bat Surprise Brings Son To Tears

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Devon Fowler is a good father. He bought Braheim a brand new baseball bat for his 12th birthday, but surprised him with it when his son thought he forgot to get him a gift.

As the two walk to the white minivan before the kid's baseball game, it's clear that Braheim is upset that his dad forgot about his birthday.

"I was really upset about it," Braheim told ESPN. "I thought I wasn't gonna get nothing."

Devon then asks his son to get something from out of the trunk and follows him with a camera. As soon as Braheim sees the shape of the box, his face lights up. After Devon wishes him a happy birthday, Braheim wipes away the tears.

"Don't cry. You're about to make me cry!" Devon Fowler says before giving him a hug. "I wanna see some home runs. I love you."

Whoever said there was no crying in baseball must not have seen this clip. The video went viral back in 2016, garnering millions of views on YouTube.

Even better is that a year later, Devon Fowler caught his son's home run using the same bat. And he got it all on film.

Dad Catches Son's Home Run

"Nice home run, kid! Thank you!" he yelled out after hauling in the dinger.

Man, that sounds like one proud father.

Braheim Fowler is still crushing home runs a few years later, and Devon Fowler is probably cheering him on just as hard. The high school two-way player was recently named to the New Jersey's Tri-County Conference All-Stars, as a member of the second-team in the Diamond division. Hopefully a bright future awaits Braheim as he continues his way towards the major leagues.

Who knows, maybe we'll see another viral video when Braheim gives his father his first MLB hit or MLB strikeout.

This post was originally published on November 9, 2020.

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