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Heckler Breaks Into Fenway, Yells & Throws Items During Game

This year's baseball season has looked nothing like past seasons. MLB stadiums across the country have barred fans from cheering on their teams in person, resulting in a wave of cardboard cutouts that have been pretty darn funny.

Still, these new COVID-19 rules under the coronavirus pandemic haven't stopped some baseball nuts from making their way to the stadiums. In August, the New York Yankees were displeased when Phillies fans stood outside Citizens Bank Park and blasted an annoying air horn in the middle of the game.

One fan who broke into Fenway Park took disrupting the Yankees a bit too far in the middle of a Yankees-Red Sox game.

Red Sox Fan Breaks Into Fenway, Disrupts Game

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Players, coaches, umpires and the broadcast crew couldn't believe what they heard and saw when the Boston Red Sox were taking on the New York Yankees on Sunday, September 20.

Boston led 9-1 in the top of the eighth inning when everyone in the stadium began to hear some very weird sounds.

"Who's that yelling?" Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay asks.

Enter the Fenway Park intruder.

A Red Sox fan donning a jersey climbed on to the catwalk beyond the centerfield batter's eye. He yells things like "we love New York" and "hey number 23, you ain't Michael Jordan!" before throwing a hat from where he's standing.

ESPN's Marly Rivera reported that the crazy fan even threatened to jump down on the black tarp below him and cranked out some pushups. He was then arrested by police officers for this insane outburst.

The Red Sox released a statement after the game, per MassLive, and it's the most 2020 thing ever:

"During today's game, a fan scaled the back of the Green Monster wall to access the ballpark and caused a stoppage to the game. Red Sox security and BPD quickly apprehended the fan who is now in police custody."

Just when you think the Major League Baseball season can't get any more bizarre, the Fenway Park intruder strikes.

The Red Sox won the game, 10-2, behind home runs from Michael Chavis and JD Martinez, and Yankees catcher Erik Kratz even threw a few knuckleballs in the loss, but the real story was the deranged fan who somehow stumbled into the stadium.

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