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Umpire Bumps Youth Coach On Purpose, Then Ejects Him

You never really know what you're going to get from those darn youth baseball and softball umpires. Everyone remembers a bad experience or two in little league with a dude who's just trying make a little extra cash on the weekends by calling balls and strikes.

For that reason, they're usually not the greatest at their jobs. We've seen some horrendous, lazy calls from first base umpires. Some umpires show up stumbling drunk to the game. Others, well, get insulted right out of the stadium.

Still, most of these umpires aren't intentionally bad. They just make mistakes because they're human. This umpire in St. Louis, Missouri, doesn't seem to fit that description.

Umpire Bumps Coach, Ejects Him

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According to the description from this YouTube video posted by Sam Williams, this baseball coach spent a good deal of time complaining to the first base umpire about the home plate umpire's strike zone.

The umpire could've tossed him then but apparently didn't feel compelled. However, when the final out of the inning was made, he made sure he'd be sending that coach to the parking lot.

The first base coach sprints over to pick up a bat and he crosses paths with the umpire. That's when the ump appears to intentionally bump the coach so he could toss him from the game.

"He's out! You did it on purpose!" he yells.

The coach has no words. He stands there in a confusing manner hoping for some sort of explanation as to what just happened. If you look closely, it sure looks like the umpire was the one who initiated the contact.

Listen, I don't know what that coach said a few pitches prior. Maybe he uttered some pretty nasty things. But it seems as if the umpire should've been the one thrown out of the game for that passive aggressive intentional bump.

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