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Gronk Shakes His Booty With Laker Girls During Halftime Show

Going to a Los Angeles Lakers game at Staples Center is an experience unlike any other in the NBA. From celebrities in attendance to superstars on the court, the vibe there is just different. Then, when the unexpected happens, it takes it to a completely different level.

On a night when LeBron James broke a triple-double record — becoming the first player in NBA history to register a triple-double against every team in the league — in the Lakers' 112-107 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on a Tuesday night in November 2019, the halftime show did all it could to upstage The King.

What happens when you get former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, tennis star Venus Williams, TV host James Corden and comedian Ian Karmel on the floor dancing with the Laker Girls? Well, about what you'd expect.

Gronk Dances With Laker Girls

Gronk sure looked like he enjoyed his brief retirement from the NFL anytime soon. Not only did he look like he's loving life in this video with the Lakers' cheerleaders, but he also announced he would be at the Super Bowl in Miami and hosting a party called "Gronk Beach." Of course, he can take that party across the state now that he's playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Perhaps this was just practice.

As for Williams, Corden, and Karmel, this wasn't exactly a normal Hollywood outing, but it definitely served a purpose.

Dancing at halftime was all part of a new CBS show called, "Game On!" The show, inspired by Corden, will be hosted by Keegan-Michael Key and will feature Williams, Gronkowski, Karmel, and comedian Bobby Lee, according to Variety.

Ian Karmel Apologizes for Laker Girls Dance

Karmel, a die-hard Portland Trail Blazers fan, went on social media to explain why he was in a Lakers shirt for the performance.

"As you know, I hate the Lakers. I've hated the Lakers my entire life. I will continue to hate the Lakers. I will go on hating the Lakers after I'm deep in the grave. Unfortunately, I love attention a little bit more than I hate the Lakers, and what you saw tonight was an example of that.

"Big Baby Karms belongs on network television and Big Baby Karms will do whatever it takes to get on national television. And the reason for that.... Ball don't lie."

— Ian Karmel

So there you have it. It was for a show, and to show off their dance moves in public.

Let's just all be thankful Gronk wasn't wearing a Laker Girls outfit.

This post was originally published on November 20, 2019.

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